Young Designers Flying High

I am amazed and inspired after an afternoon with the ‘brains’ behind Sky Décor, a custom furniture company that integrates pieces of discarded airplanes into high quality, unique household and office furniture. Childhood friends-cum-business partners, Sam Omondi and Khan Key, both have architectural degrees from U.S. universities. But getting started in the architectural field, especially after spending many years out of Kenya for studies, is not easy. So Sam and Khan found another option: a start-up business venture that engages their architectural and design skills in a creative way.


Sky Décor took a loan from SAMf3 when they were just getting started at the end of 2013. They needed capital in order to purchase equipment and stock up on the supplies needed for their first few pieces of furniture. Several items found buyers after their week-long exhibition at Village Market, an upscale shopping mall in Nairobi, and within one year, they were able to fully pay back the loan. Now, in order to acquire more airplane parts, they have taken an even larger loan from SAMf3.

The furniture of Sky Décor is both stunning and exquisite. They insist on using the best quality of materials – wood, glass and of course the high-quality aluminium of the airplanes. It is obvious that they pay a lot of attention to detail and value excellence.


Terms like “design solutions” and “computer renderings” now make sense after watching the duo conjure up beautiful and very unique pieces of furniture that fit exactly into the ambiance and available space of whatever context they are given. In order to expand their reach, they have also ventured into designing and producing custom furniture that does not necessarily use airplane parts, but that maintains the characteristic marks of distinction found in their original furniture line.

As SAMf3, we are confident that this team will build a profitable business. We are proud to support these young entrepreneurs!

~ Diane Omondi


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