Used Clothes New Hopes

After trying her hand at several different businesses, Linet, a mother of three young children is now settled on selling second-hand clothes. This business is easier to start and operate since it does not require very much capital.

When her attempt at a cake business did not do well due to high operational costs, Linet devised a business plan for clothing sales and brought it to Springs of Africa Micro Finance Faith Fund (SAMf3). Recognizing the integrity she showed in paying back a previous loan, the institution did not disappoint her. Linet was furnished with a loan of $230 that she immediately invested in a good supply of clothing. Her target customers are people of all ages who live or walk by her business location.

Linet 4

Linet is among the many women who believe in alleviating poverty and contributing towards the economy. She makes every effort to see that the business is managed well and has a goal to become a broker if she keeps the momentum.

SAMf3 is encouraged by clients who pay loans promptly so that the funds revolve. This opens the opportunity for other members to borrow also. One of the SAMf3 core values is to empower our clients with micro loans to start or boost small and medium business. Through this program, we have witnessed lives being transformed economically. Many people are able to meet their basic needs, thus reducing the plague of dependence.

We thank our supporters of for standing with SAMf3 since the time of its genesis. It is our prayer that God will keep us well and enable us to meet our targets in 2015.

~ Angela Kung’u


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