ECD Teacher’s Training

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The participants in the workshop

Mr. and Mrs. Lee, and Sarah are missionaries in Kenya from South Korea. They specialize in Early Childhood ministry, and therefore work closely with Dove Nairobi children ministry and also primary schools. This passion is what leads them therefore to work with school teachers for training workshops on Early Childhood Development.

Consequently, on April 27-28th, 2015 they organized such a training workshop in Dove Christian Fellowship Church Kawangware, Nairobi for teachers from Ziwani Academy in Garissa and Seed Academy in Kitale, together with another school from the Lenana area in Nairobi.


Joina receiving her certificate

The teachers were taught about teaching all the subjects from a common theme. For example, in the curriculum, we have transport as a theme. Using transport as a theme, we can teach small children how to add, names and language used for different vehicles, how to do physical exercises, how to be aware about the way transport affects all our lives otherwise known as environment or social studies for the upper classes. We were also taught to use locomotive music and to do art and colouring on the same theme.

The teachers were really excited about this way of teaching, because it is interesting, interactive and very informative. The children use a lot of pictures, drawings and colours in all the themes. It was very hilarious as the teachers pretended to be small children and jumped, hopped and sang their way through the course. The teachers also did the cutting and pasting to make their charts from the many materials that Mrs. Lee made available.

On the 28th, late afternoon the participants received a certificate of completion. Each of the schools received teaching aids and material for the whole term. It was a very informed group of teachers that left that evening. Teaching small children was transformed to them into a fun filled activity and not a tedious duty of trying to drum information into small children. All of them were thankful and ready to make a big difference in each of their schools this second term and forever. It was an excellent job!!

~by Joina Munyanya


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