John Muhoma

John Muhoma in his work place with a sample of a bag he’s made!

After spending a short time at the tailoring shop of John Muhoma, his passion is very evident. It is seen in the quality of his work – pillows, curtains, bags and more – beautifully crafted and sewn with skill. More than that, it is seen in the genuine enthusiasm used when he speaks about his tailoring shop: “Business is difficult, but worth it,” John declares.

John was able to start his shop, a little over a year ago, with the help of a micro-finance loan of $250 through BDGF funds administered by Springs of Africa. With the small loan came big hopes for self-sufficiency and financial stability for himself and his family. Prior to starting this business, John had been employed on a temporary basis with several different companies but never managed to attain perm John'sanent and pensionable terms of employment. Having his own business gives John and his family a new ray of hope.

But small business doesn’t mean easy business. John shared struggles probably familiar to manynew business owners: there are times when business is slow and times when it is uncertain if the bottom line will be met. However, he perseveres, because business is an opportunity for a better life. He has been able to fully refund the loan, and is considering applying for another loan that could be used to purchase a more elaborate stock of supplies.

During my visit, John shared pictures of a trip to Rwanda where his curtains were purchased for a church. He smiled and spoke with a great sense of pride. In that moment, it became clear: this “better life” is more than financial or monetary gain. It is the blessing of being able to do meaningful work and to contribute to the community around you.

~ Rahab Muchunu


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