Rabbits-A Promising Venture

There is a new wave in Kenya, rural or urban-that of rabbit keeping. And the youth in DOVE have not been left behind! In November last year, an idea came to Daniel’s mind and he did his research about rabbits. This materialized to a rabbit keeping project which they, he and Jesse, are now undertaking in partnership.


Rabbit Republic is a company that works with rabbit breeders. It trains the interested persons, sells the rabbits to start them off and later buys the kindles when they have bred a good number.

With a loan from Springs of Africa, these ambitious young men started the project in May this year. It has been a good venture so far and they look forward to expand it in the future.

Rabbits generally are an easy job; they do not require much attention. Their food consumption is very low and so do not need constant feeding.

As thriving as the business may be, it requires keen and deliberate care for these animals. It’s evident to note the cleanliness of a rabbit’s fur, spotless! So rabbits call for high levels of hygiene and well-ventilated housing.

Rabbits are really fragile, Jesse exclaims. At the onset due to the change of the environment, they lost 5 of the animals. And like every other animal, their young ones are very delicate and are especially affected by cold weather.

Starting with 19 rabbits, they now have 17adults and 23 kindles. Apart from their meat being edible, their excretions are used for manure, and urine for pesticide and fertilizer. It has been a journey of learning and an exciting experience, as was evident in Jesse’s enthusiastic narration.

by Rahab Muchunu


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