Teachers Empowered with Skills and Curriculum

Schools in the Springs of Africa Education Initiative have received a unique boost in the form of children’s workbooks and teacher training.

For the third time this year, teachers from Ziwani Academy in Garissa and Seed Academy in Kitale had the opportunity to come to Nairobi for the 2-day interactive sessions. They were empowered with various approaches for effective teaching of children in the Early Childhood level.

Teacher Martha Onyango from Ziwani Academy play a game. Looking on is Sarah Lee.
Teacher Martha Onyango from Ziwani Academy play a game during the teachers training. Looking on is one of the trainers, Sarah Lee.

The training was full of humor as teachers pretended to be small children and jumped, hopped and sang their way through the course. They undertook numerous exercises and games, which they were encouraged to teach their pupils in their respective schools.

Grace Mulwa, Headmistress of Ziwani Academy, appreciated the sponsors of the training. She said that the workshop was helpful as Mrs. Lee and daughter Sarah, the trainers, introduced them to interesting, interactive and very informative modes of teaching young children.

The workshop was climaxed by the issuing of certificates to all the participants and the donation of necessary materials.

Donations through Springs of Africa helped provide sponsorship for the teacher’s transport and accommodation. Thank you!


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