A Widow Excels in Curio Business

A DOVE Springs Sacco* member has experienced great success in selling curio commodities. Theresa Akumu Mbeche, a widow for 11 years and a mother of four, has successfully operated a curio shop in Nairobi for one year after acquiring a loan from the Sacco to get started.

Theresa’s shop is located in a guest house, Amani Gardens Inn, at Westlands, Nairobi.

ladies purse

A ladies pursue stocked in the Theresa’s Curio shop

The curio shop stocks nicely made handbags, clutch bags, necklaces and earrings, tablemats made with beads, wooden and beaded key holders, among other products.

Theresa said that she sells most of these items locally, though at times to international clients. She explained that she designs the bags and collaborates with a tailor who polishes the designs for her. Through the sales, she makes a reasonable profit through which she can sustain herself and pay rent and school fees for her youngest daughter who is still in school.

clutch bag 3.jpg

Clutch bag

Theresa, who is faithfully paying her loan, gratefully praised the Sacco in that she was able to acquire a loan after saving for a few months. Theresa added that it advantageous to be a member of Sacco in that one only needs to save a little amount and through the little savings, he or she can acquire a loan and pay in less stressful way.

As an advice to young entrepreneurs, Theresa urged them to be patient and fully concentrate with their business. She urged them to be aggressive in search of market and ensure they give their clients quality products.

clutch bag 2

A clutch bag sold at the Curio Shop

In the next one year, Theresa hopes that she will be able to expand her curio business and acquire a larger space for her shop. She looks forward to getting more clients, even internationally, for her products.


*DOVE Springs Sacco is a project of Springs of Africa empowerment initiative.

By: Kenneth Irungu


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