Loans have Changed Our Family Life

“When we acquired a motorbike with the help of loan from DOVE Springs SACCO, our lives have changed,” says Esther Ongaya, a social worker at Baba Nyumbani children’s home in Kitale.SANY3615.JPG

Esther, who joined the SACCO in 2012, has taken two loans. She was among the first members to acquire a personal development loan, and used it to pay a deposit toward buying a piece of land. This made it possible for her to move out of the rental house where she had lived with her family for more than 10 years.

The couple is now getting much from their farm where they have planted vegetables and sugarcane for sale. Esther also invested in poultry. “We have a tender for supplying poultry to the nearby schools,” adds Esther.

After repaying the loan, Esther applied for another loan, which they used to buy a motorbike to ferry passengers. They also used part of the loan as capital to start selling used clothes in nearby market.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Besides being used as a taxi, Esther notes that the motorbike has improved their life greatly in that her husband takes their children every day to school and transports her to work.

“I am grateful that through the loan, my husband now generates income daily and our life as family has changed drastically,” she declares. She adds that her salary alone would not have enabled her to do all the things they have done in their family.

By: Kenneth Irungu


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