Poultry Farming is Lucrative, Urges SACCO Member

In a society where chicken meat is costly, investing in poultry farming becomes a lucrative business as Amos Kiprotich and his wife Milka, members of DOVE Springs SACCO, can testify.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThe couple acquired a loan from the SACCO and invested in poultry farming. To ensure they stand out among other competitors, Mr and Mrs Tanui reared Kuroiler Breed that originated from Arizona University and that have desirable features compared to other local breeds.

The couple explains that their investment is a good source of family income in that each hen lays an average of 200 eggs that they sell at Ksh 30 each. They add that they hatch the eggs too and sell a one-day chick at Ksh 100.

“Through the loan, we were able to build chicken houses, pay the staff managing the poultry farm and also buy vaccines for the hens,” adds Amos. In addition, they have been able to buy more land and even invest in rabbit keeping.

With their second loan, Mr and Mrs Tanui bought a motorbike, and have employed a driver to ferry passengers and also transport eggs to the markets.

Amos and Milka hope to acquire another loan soon and be able to buy their own incubatorSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA to reduce on the cost of leasing it out which is expensive. They also plan to invest in livestock farming.

Mr and Mrs Tanui urge those who are hesitant to join savings groups to take a step and register, since this type of group is relevant even to those with a low-income. “Through DOVE Springs SACCO, one is able to acquire a loan with a very low and affordable interest,” they conclude.


By Kenneth Irungu


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