I dared to dream

Every minute counts for Daniel Obindi Nyaleso, a 26-year-old events and décor entrepreneur. “I became a member of DOVE Christian Fellowship Kawangware in 2013 and did not know that this would be a place of worship and at the same time a place that would push me towards my business goals,” Daniel explains. He learnt about DOVE Springs Sacco through Sunday announcements. After a while he joined the Sacco and started saving.

At the time, he had been employed by his friend to run his business. “I organized delivery, coordinated business activities and paid workers. Such a platform gave me an opportunity to acquire skills.” After a while, Daniel decided it was time to be on his own. “I talked to my friend of my plans and he wished me well. I am glad we are business partners. When I needed some money to boost my business, I decided to knock the doors of DOVE Springs Sacco.”

Obby Dan Daniel took a loan of thirty thousand shillings and invested the whole amount to purchase one hundred seats. “Business was growing and from the clients I had met from my previous job, I had so many referrals. I thus needed more chairs.”
Daniel talks passionately about the lessons he has learned. “Be trustworthy as you work for someone else. Have a positive mindset and be willing to learn. Do to perfection whatever your hands find to do.”

15349828_1867233120156115_8218203431469746357_nHaving had a background in events and décor business, Daniel did not anticipate so many challenges. “I was wrong,” he says. “At times, I deliver services and am not paid. Sometimes, big institutions would want me to deliver first then pay me later. This affects my employees as they have to wait to be paid.”
As a young upcoming entrepreneur, Daniel encourages young people to start somewhere, save the little money they make and learn to depend on themselves, “Let your family members grow, let the church grow; do not be dependent on people. Everyone has their own needs, so learn to meet your own. After all, there are no big or small dreams. What differentiates our dreams is how we set our goals,” Daniel concludes.


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