Mbulutini Kings Academy

When God called James and Truphosa Mwendwa into ministry, He saw within them the potential to change their community. They started with the agenda of preaching the Good News. But they soon noticed very low literacy levels among people in the community. Through DOVE Mbulutini in Ukambani region of Kenya, Mbulutini Kings Academy opened its doors in January 2009 with three pre-primary pupils. The school aimed to address the issues of illiteracy, ignorance, spiritual and economic bondage in the community and provide a platform in which pupils could learn God’s Word. Since then, the number of pupils has grown from three to fifty.

Kings academy 3

Teaching began in the church building and as the number of pupils increased, more classrooms were needed. The church then began construction and has built four brick-walled classrooms. They also rent more rooms to cater for the increasing population of pupils and teachers.

“It was clear that illiteracy was high and most people could not read the Bible even in the local language,” the Mwendwa’s explain. “With approximately 3,000 adults in the immediate community, less than 1% of the people have a post-secondary certificate or diploma and less than 20% have attended high school. The majority are primary school dropouts.” They notice that the common pastime of idling results in social evils among young people and backwardness in the community.”

kings academy 6

Mbulutini King’s Academy is making a difference, but it is not easy. Many parents, challenged by poverty, cannot pay school fees. Secondly, the Government of Kenya requires that they employ certified Teachers from the Teachers Service Commission which strains the resources of the school. Also, most of the pupils’ classrooms are on a rented property which adds even more strain to the school budget. The escalating economy has led to increases in food prices, making it difficult for the school to offer meals to the children and teachers as they normally do.

But despite the challenge, Mbulutini Kings Academy is determined to bring holistic change—even as God gives strength.

*Mbulutini Kings Academy is a new member of the Springs of Africa Education Initiatives Programme.


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